Schedule for August 1, 2015- Picture Day:

8:00- High School pictures begin and will follow this order.

Varsity Team Picture (all players,coaches, cheerleaders, mascots)

Cheer All American (individual picture area)


Running Backs

Offensive Line


Special Teams

Defensive Line

Defensive Backs




Student athletic trainers

Grade level- after grade level picture is made, report to area for individual and Media Guide Ad pictures





Ad Pics for other groups

Just for You Coach

First Baptist

West Hartselle


Davidson Homes

Oakes-Slayton Football Team

9:00- Senior Girls

9:15- Legacy (current players with family members who played at Hartselle)

9:30- Junior High Pictures will begin and will follow this order- report to area for individual and Media Guide Ad pictures when finished

8th Grade Team

7th Grade Team

8th Grade Cheerleaders

7th Grade Cheerleaders

Things to Know:

  • Picture day is August 1st at JP Cain Stadium


  • Only those getting a picture made will be allowed on the field.


  • Please complete your order form, along with payment, for your individual picture before arriving


  • You do NOT have to purchase the individual pictures, but everyone SHOULD have one made.


  • Junior High players should wear a white t-shirt and khaki shorts


Legacy Pictures:

Legacy Pictures celebrate the proud traditon of Hartselle Football.  


Any player, grade 7-12, and their family member who played football at Hartselle is invited to participate in this section of our program.  Grandfathers, fathers, and brothers will have their picture made with the current player from their family.  

It is very special to see the tradition of football that is alive in our Hartselle Tigers family!  We hope that you are able to participate.