August 15th at JP Cain Stadium

Schedule for Meet the Tigers:



2:00 pm   7th and 8th grade Game

7th and 8th grade Introductions will be after the game

3:30-4:00 pm  7th and 8th grade players, cheerleaders and families eat


5:00 pm  Varsity Introductions

5:30 pm  Varsity players, cheerleaders and families will eat

7:00 pm  Varsity Game


Immediately after the game, we will clean the stadium.


You will also be able to proof your ad for the Media Guide on this day. 


Contact Tammie Holmes at to volunteer or with any questions you may have.

Parents of Players & Cheerleaders:


1. We need all football players and cheerleaders (grades 7th-12th) to bring either a case of water or a case of cokes to the football facility by Wednesday, August 12th.  These drinks will be sold during the Junior High and Varisty games at Meet The Tigers.  Cheerleaders may drop their drinks off on the afternoons the football team is practicing.  Please contact a player for specific times.  Anything drinks left over will be used for team meals.


2.  We need 10-15 men who will volunteer to grill.  Grilling will begin at 1:30pm.  Please bring your own spatula and chair.


3. We need 7 pop up tents for the day for the food, drink and grill areas.


4. We need 6 large coolers for uncooked meat, cooked meat and ice.


5. We need 6 portable 8 foot tables.


Workers/Volunteers Needed: 


We need 14 parents from 7th and 8th grades to serve and clean up starting at 5pm to feed the Varsity players and families.


We need 14 parents from 9th -12th grades to serve and clean up starting at 3pm to feed the 7th and 8th grade players and families.


We also will need as many volunteers as we can get from any grade for stadium clean up after the varisty finishes at around 9pm.